Disney vs. Marvel

Shayla Miller hat Marvel’s Avengers ähnlichen Disney Charakteren gegenübergestellt.

Besonders verblüffend finde ich die jeweiligen Gemeinsamkeiten.

Mehr von Shayla findet ihr hier.

Klasse Idee. Sehr, sehr cool.

“Scar from Lion King, and Loki. Because when you think about it, they’re very similar.

All they want to do is rule the world and look good.”

“Hulk vs. Beast. They’re both misunderstood nice guys.”

“Thor vs. Hercules. They’re both Demi Gods who have to rise to the occasion to beat the bad guy.”
“Captain America vs. John Smith. America boys with hearts of gold.
Willing to play the sacrifice card to do what’s right.”
“Iron man vs. Emperor Kuzco. They’re both rich, self obsessed, and think themselves
above others, but that doesn’t mean they can’t save the day.”