Lil Wayne’s Lyrics

Seit Rebirth ist Lil Wayne mein Held.

Deswegen gefällt mir die grafische Darstellung von seinen sinnlosesten Lyrics irgendwie ganz gut :=)

“Jumped on the celly, called Makaveli/He say he was gravy, I say I was jelly”

“I’m beneficial/I’ve been official/I say you rappers sweet, tiramissile.”

“I get money to kill time, dead clocks.”

“Cause she my honey bee, yeah, buzz buzz/And now I’m itching and scratching, that’s that love bug.”

“I’m a diamond in the rough like a baby in the trash”

“Don’t fuck with Wayne, cuz when it Wayne’s it pours”

“Pussy good as baby powder…”

“Boy I’m sitting on green like piss in the grass. Just let me know, and the grass still grow, even if you mow.”

 ”I have no brain, I’m retarded.”

“And I’m gonna be with my dogs like Goof Troop…Money over female dogs bitch roof roof”